The Mordovian Nanocenter demonstrated this cutting-edge innovation in sports footwear, as well as the latest developments in the field of printed electronics at the 5th Annual Printed Intelligence Industry Seminar "PRINSE '18" in Oulu, Finland.
Over 270 innovation leaders from 21 participating countries presented printed electronics business case studies in various fields, such as health care, automobile industry and lighting.

Dmitry Krahin, CEO of the Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials of Mordovia Republic, presented innovative products of startup TC Printed Technologies featuring thin, compact printed pressure and bending sensors, isotropic adhesives, light-scattering polymers. These and other offerings of the nascent, but highly promising, printed electronic industry Mordovian startup make it ready to supply international partners.

Many European technological leaders were interested in the "smart" insole with built-in pressure sensors and samples of application of stretchable conductive paste that can be used to create some integrated electronics for clothing. TC Printed Technologies representatives additionally highlighted ready-made solutions that their startup provides for R&D services in the field of printed electronics and their readiness to act as a partner for the products of European companies that want to enter the Russian market. Their printed electronics laboratory is equipped with the latest printed technologies equipment, which allows efficient production of prototypes of electronic components by methods such as inkjet, stencil and slot printing.

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