On February 6, in the city of Oulu, Finland the innovative cluster PrintoCent had a meeting with residents of the cluster. The Mordovian Nanocenter presented an innovative Printing Technologies Project to the residents of the cluster.

Printing Technology is a project that focuses on development of conductive ink, which can be used for electronic devices that produced by using printing methods. The international cluster PrintoCent is the advanced space in the world of printing technologies. Within the cluster, small and medium-sized technology companies as well as representatives of large international businesses exchange their knowledge, business ideas and become business partners. The Finnish manufacturer of elevator equipment KONE and the British Pilkington is a good example of residents of cluster cooperation. Automobile glasses of a joint brand are delivered to 130 countries all over the world.

"To become a resident of PrintoCent Cluster means to have a great opportunity to interact with international technological startups through the process of products and technologies development," said Dmitry Krakhin, CEO of the Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials of Mordovia Republec. "It is important for us to have access to global companies that generate demand for development of printed electronics ".

Printed Technologies is not the only project of the Mordovian Nanocenter in organic and printed electronics. Earlier, the Nanocenter announced an investment in the Finnish project Flexbright that will enable to transfer of technology and produce LED films in Russia.