The company TC Printed Technologies was established by the Center for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials of Mordovia Republic in 2014 as a printable electronics research center.


– introduction of printed flexible electronics technologies to the industrial market.

The technology company works in the following priority areas:

  • - development of materials for printed electronics (conductive paste / ink based on silver, carbon, CNT, as well as stretchable electrically conductive pastes);
  • - introduction of printing technologies (inkjet printing, sheet printing, screen printing);
  • - development of techniques that control the parameters of layers produced by printing methods;
  • - development of printed electronic components (printed antennas, printed sensors, etc.).

We have carried out numerous R&D in the field of functional pastes for various purposes and printing technologies. The accumulated experience enables us to create objects of intellectual property suitable for rapid penetration into production and launch of innovative products to the market.